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Why Building a Website with Paid Hosting is Better than Free Blog?

After you start the free registration process at, you will begin to notice that your website (domain name) address is instead of Then you plan to pay a little monthly for $ 8.25 to get your desired domain name. After using the site for a while, you notice that you can not install the plugin or customize it with your theme.

What's going on?

In this article, we'll see what the main difference is between and We will show you why is the best choice for setting up your WordPress website.

What is is a site dedicated to people who want to install their own WordPress system with paid hosting. You can also use your personal computer to install the WordPress system for testing purposes. After you install this WordPress system, you are free to do whatever customization you want. This includes installing any theme (Theme) you want or whatever Plugins you want unlimited.

What is exists on the website only. You do not control the server or hosting, where you can not do custom themes or install plugins. You are free to choose the theme provided by

This is why if you register a new account at, you will get a domain name address like also offers a WordPress Premium package that starts at $ 8.25 / month. It includes some features that allow you to customize (Customize), but still can not compete with